Object Oriented Poker with Robots

“I guess we could do like, a card game or something” , said Brandon.

Little did we know this suggestion of an idea would put us through the ringer of MVC organization, UML, Probability Mathematics and several episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation. We had decided in that moment whether we knew it or not, that we were going to make “Poker Night at the Mainframe”

It was a fun project for sure. We really got to show what we learned from the course and then some. As always, I intended to publish the project as its own downloadable software from the jump.

That was probably where the biggest issue was; Note to self, remember that windows CMD cant always read Unicode the same way as your IDE’s test console can.

Anyways yeah it was a fun project, check out the associated presentation for it above, download the pdf version or download the actual software here:

Portable Version | Installer | GitHub

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