Consider this a show-reel of sorts for the last 18 months

Hey there! if you’re reading this I have likely linked you to this exact post! This is a compilation of different game development related school projects and personal projects that are either not finished or just aren’t enough to warrant their own post on here.

First up is The Embersons – a game project thats been put on hold for a bit, but a passion project for sure. I have a working proof of concept micro game available here for anyone that wants to play it, and a living video record in this YouTube playlist. Once I am able to actually get the game finished and launched it should be getting its own page here.

Next I want to highlight my custom vector graphics-based game engine I call the “Drachenblut Beam Forge Engine” its for another personal project that has had several titles in the past. A playable version of “Solaris II” a shooter built in the engine is available here. I also have restarted the repository on github for the project as Ill be updating it from time to time while I work on a shippable product using the engine. Somewhat related is the predecessor and future feature set to the Beam Forge is my text based adventure RPG frame work I also built using C++.

As for Unity projects and just other miscellanea my personal youtube page is full of playlists showcasing the various ideas, good, strange and bad I’ve tried out in a few different contexts. If you need direction on where to go here are a few places I recommend starting:


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